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Legend Of Poem

Name poet Chairil Anwar is literary synonymous with Indonesia. Everyone has the stamp of formal education would recognize the name. This shows that Chairil Anwar is known as a writer, poet in particular. Although Chairil Anwar died in the relatively young age of 27 years old, but through his works he proves words in sajaknya, now means that after death, and I want to live a thousand years longer.

Chairil present situation in the transition of the turmoil. A transition from independence to the colonial situation. The backlash against colonialism and the thinking world that emerged during the World War II, Creative participate. Letter Gelanggang Spirituality is a form of rejection Chairil and friends to the understanding of cultural activities as national-cloth and then wipe the old obsolete. According to their culture is a way to overcome the problems that people born from the era and the right situation.

Chairil Anwar become very popular because of two things. First, he write a poem-poem with the high quality of literature, which holds an ideology or thought of as a particular war, revolution and so forth. Experts literature mentions this type of literature with the term Literary pulpit, that is the type of literature that the thematic closely related to the circumstances and the age issue. It can be the response of the major issues at that time. Some of the works, including Chairil Anwar's literature platform is I, the Treaty of Bung Karno, Note 1946, Work and Bekasi.

Second, he is also writing a lyric poem, a contemplation of the theme, the more similar the issues. Experts call Literary Arts Room. Chairil paper classified into this type is the Sunset at the port, patter-patter Cemara, of. The processing of language-verse poem Chairil very special and specific.

Chairil has opened the possibility of a very unexpected. He brings atmosphere, style, rhythm, tempo, breath, thickness and the liveliness of the literature to Indonesia. Until now, still feels the effects of language poem Chairil take to bring the color of the Indonesian language and literature. Chairil able to release the language of environmental principle raw language, which may violate the grammar rules, but as a means of expression is very functional and beautiful. Chairil very strong influence in the process sounding language rhythm, causing him Poets Learning how sajaknya language processing.

Chairil not half-setangah and serve in the prisnsip life. It can reveal the problems with the vast experience and travel because his life is also broad. He is also a delight to read. Moreover penchant \ by his ability to speak a foreign language such as German, Dutch and English well. Through the mastery of the language that he obtained information from the first.

Literary world as the life dijalaninya options with very serious. He also worked limitless selection process for his life and he was successful, although he had not witnessed that it is successfully carry out their life choices because of death prior menjemputnya.

Many people think that is Chairil adventurers slums. But one friend, Asrul bob membantahnya. Chairil always neatly dressed, although he a Bohemian. There kemejanya always be rigid because, shirts seantiasa disetrika slippery. He even said to be dandy. Chairil has become a legend Indonesian literature. It is because of serious effort to defend their work and life choices. It is this spirit which can be a model for young generai.

To recall Chairil Anwar, DKJ give awards to the literature of the writer and poet by the name Literary Award Chairil Anwar. Prizes were given to Mochtar Lubis 1992, Sutardji Calzoum Bachri 1998. Chairil Anwar is considered a pioneer era and the burglar force'45

Balada Gadis Buta

Bila engkau disini
Turuti Cinta Terestui
Dengan senyum juga tawa
penuh kasih sayang

Namun engkau disana
terbelengguh kata suci
penuh nilai dan aturan
menjeratkan rasa cinta

Biar saja kita gunda
bendung asmara yang terbingkai
terlalu sulit menentang norma
yang telah lama teragungkan

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Kumpulan Puisi Chairil Anwar Versi English

Soldier night watch

Time of the road. I do not know what the fate of time?
Youths who are skittish elders hard,
Her dream of independence-coming stars
sisiku in maintaining the region during this dead
I like the people who dare to live
I like the people who enter the night menemu
Berwangi dream that night, terlucut dust ......
Time of the road. I do not know what the fate of the time!

Th III, No. 96


Start beetle
have not clogged the night
we still guard
- Thermopylae --
- Butcher is not known? --
but later
the day before the sweep
we have lost sinking

New era,
No. 11-12
20-30 August 1957


We now lie between a-Krawang Bekasi
can not shout "Merdeka" and lift arms again.
But who can no longer hear us roar,
The newest and mendegap our hearts?

We talk in the serene quiet in the night
If the empty feeling chest wall clock and the rattle
We die young. Living bone dust covered.
Remember, we got anything.

We try to have what we can
But work is not done, can not consider the meaning of thousands of lives 4-5

We just bone-bone into
But is yours
Kaulah that specify the value of bone-bone into

Or people we fly to victory and independence hopes
or not to do anything,
We do not know, we can no longer be said
Kaulah now say that

We talk in the serene quiet in the night
If there is a sense of hollow wall clock and the rattle

Remember, we got anything
Forward, forward our soul
Maintaining the Bung Karno
maintain the Bung Hatta
I keep Sjahrir

We now corpses
Give us the meaning of
Berjagalah continue in line statements and dreams

Remember, we got anything
living bone-covered bone dust
Thousands of our later Changweon-between Krawang

Volume 7, No. 16,


In this period of development
a host of life again
Rhapsodic fervor and a fire

In front of a host is waiting
I tremble. Opponent many hundred times.
Sword in the right, the keris on the left
Berselempang spirit that can not die.


This line of not bergenderang-berpalu
Spirituality sign stampede.

It means
It is dead.


For State
Providing fire.

Extinct in the menghamba
Perish on the crushed
Indeed, the road death reached new
If life must be tasted


(February 1943)
Th III, No. 8
August 1954


Come on! Bung Karno let us put hands make appointments
I have enough time with bicaramu
grilled over apimu, digarami lautmu
From the start date. 17 August 1945
I stepped to the front is meeting in sisimu
I now I now sea of fire

Bung Karno! I am a mom and being one strand
In zatmu in zatku ships we sail
In uratmu in uratku ships anchored we shove &


Volume 7, No. 297,

ruiji no namida

kodoku de kao muzai tenteki shitsumon torikurushitsumon jinsei no naka de subete wo mi te sekai de wa ,
kubon da me sui no naka de jissai ni saku no hitsuyō sei wo kuraku suru koto ga nakere ba subete no shōgai wo sanshō shi te kudasai yuiitsu no suiteki watashi wa iki wo hakidasu wa tsuneni se zu ni teishi namida ga futatabi ryūshutsu kaihatsu chū kemuri ga dōro ni so~tsu te hokori to kibō wo

Sunset Panorama

Je viens Dusk
Le nuage noir
Exercice malaise

Changements météorologiques
Comme une vie nomade

Dusk arrivent
Tersuguh Panorama
In The Rainbow Game

Une nuit sombre
Fermé avec un nuage noir

Face à la vie de ce

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